3 tips for HOLIDAY EATING (or not eating) that work!

Its that time of year when you eat and drink to be merry! But how do we do that while staying lean & sticking to our health goals?!

Here are my top three tips for staying lean during this holiday season!

-Eat Veggies

I’m serious! Steam a big pot of veggies (broccoli, bok choy, kale, asparagus etc) and eat it before going to your big event. You will feel satisfied and full because of the high fiber. This will lead you not into temptation when it comes to eating all the fried and sugary foods.

-Eat Protein

I’m serious! Make a protein shake with only water. Drink it just before going out the door. You will feel fully satisfied before you get there and thus not eat as much. I find that I don’t even think about food when I am already satisfied. You are going there to enjoy and celebrate! That is the plan. The plan is not to gorge on food that makes you feel like crap at end of day. Woop!

-Drink Water

NOT WHEN YOU EAT!! The latter depletes all your acid and enzymes,

But making sure you are properly hydrated is essential to not overeat.

They say half the time when you are hungry its because you are really thirsty. So drink drink drink! Now if you are mainly drinking alcohol, then perhaps you could try an electrolyte mix in a large glass of water before going out and after going out. Drinking dehydrates the cells of the body, losing minerals and vitamins, essential for making energy. If you stay on top of your electrolytes you will 100% feel better, and actually have energy to function the next day. The brand Vega has got one I love called the Hydrator pack. They have the individual size electrolyte packages too.

Try these and let me know how you feel!

Keeping you happy health and lean over the holidays!

Dr. Andreia Horta, ND















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