A Happiness Meditation

If you are feeling highly stressed, use this easy tool to re-set your nervous system and decrease your stress hormone (cortisol). You will be feeling better in no-time!

Duration: 3 min


  1. Find a peaceful spot where you can sit and not be disturbed.

  2. Turn your auto-pilot on and set your timer for 3 min.

  3. Sit comfortably.

  4. Scan your memory for a truly happy, joyful experience. As an example, you may choose an experience where you accomplished something incredible, or perhaps you reunited with a long-lost friend. Select a unique experience where you were so happy, so filled with excitement that you could hardly contain your emotions.

  5. Once you have selected that memory, take 3 deep belly breaths. Then begin.

Breathe comfortably. Picture yourself in that memory;

What are you looking at?Are you on a beach or at a table surrounded by friends?

What are you hearing? Can you hear yourself laugh, cry or shriek of joy?

What are you smelling? Is there a perfume in the air or the fresh scent of the sea?

What are you touching? Are you sitting down, or hugging someone dear?

Use all your senses to recreate that memory. Allow your body to feel every sensation deeply. Feel your body responding physiologically to every flood of positive emotion. Know that in doing this, your body is completely relaxed and in pure joy. 

Within a matter of 3 minutes, your body transitions from a highly stressed out state, to being completely happy and relaxed.

I encourage you to try this!

Yours in vitality,

Dr.Andreia Horta

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