DIY: Mobile Tech Detox

How many of you find yourselves permanently plugged in? So much so, that you have difficulty turning off your phone for a mere hour over dinner time?

If you answered, YES, this blog is for you!

 In order to be successful in our society most of us need to be plugged in 24/7. Especially true, for those of us that pride ourselves on being productive and achieving optimal performance at work. While essential, technology such as your loving mobile, can have hazardous effects.

One study, with over 437 subjects, found an association between mobile phone use and a variety of health concerns; 21.6% of subjects reported having headaches, 4% of subjects reported having sleep disturbances and another 4% of subjects experienced fatigue. In the Journal of Computers and Human Behavior (2016), higher mobile technology engagement was strongly linked to anxiety and depression. Lastly, one startling study found a link between heavy cell phone use and high amounts of cellular oxidative stress. The latter was seen as evidence to support the connection between cell phone use and cancer risk.

Startling indeed! Studies like these mentioned are available in surplus. Thus, we have plenty of reasons to begin a Do-It-Yourself: Mobile Tech Detox!

5 Mobile Tech Detox Tips

1.Track Your Mobile Use for 24hours

Select one full day to track your phone use. Simply write down (in your phone/ or in an agenda/ or on a lose leaf of paper) every time you pick up your phone. Make note of how long you use it, and what you use it for. This is your initial wake-up call. With this exercise, you will identify where you may be wasting quality time. For example: checking your Facebook at all times of the day.

2.Go Mobile Free.

Select a period of time where you feel comfortable to turn off your phone. For example: Sunday mornings from the time you wake up until 1 pm in the afternoon, you keep the phone turned off. This allows you to be completely in the moment. Another example is upon waking, you give yourself 45 min-1hour without turning on your phone. This allows you to slowly wake up, getting yourself ready for work, in a more relaxed and calm state.

3.Turn off all push notifications.

 When at work, it may be vital to have your notifications on. However, when you are not at work, it is essentially time for yourself. Time with yourself (downtime), or time with family/friends is precious. Be mindful of where your attention is being diverted, so you can enjoy a better work/life balance.

4.Work offline.

Pick a pocket of time when you are at work to turn off your mobile and turn on your focus. Select a time when you don’t have any other meetings to attend. Then, focus on only one task/project for that time period. For example, from 11:30am to 12:15 pm; you turn your phone to auto-pilot and choose which task you will complete. Watch your productivity soar!

5.Set Social Media time.

If you feel Facebook, Instagram or any other mobile app, is interfering with your productivity and taking some of your precious time away then be selective about when you use it. Pick a time of the day which does not interfere with work and set it as your Social Media Time. For example: "I will check my social media at 12:30pm every day and at 5:30pm on my route home from work. All other times I am social media free." This  will keep your FOMO (fear of missing out) low, and your productivity high!

Try these 5 Mobile Tech Detox Tips today and tell us how you like them?!

In Happiness and Health,



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