The word of the day is Gratitude!

Gratitude is being thankful! It is being happy and showing appreciation for all the good in your life! Many of us know about it, and understand the concept. Some of us may even agree it has some degree of benefit. But, how many of you believe it can make a significant positive impact in your life?

There are over 40 empirical research studies supporting the benefits of gratitude. ( see below in pictograph).

Why not make the workplace a happier healthier place to be using gratitude?  In fact, employees are saying they want more gratitude in their workday. Glassdoor employment company conducts regular Employee Appreciation Surveys. Most recently one of their surveys found over 53% of employees stay at the same job longer when they feel more appreciated, and another 80% work harder when they are thanked.

  Dr. Robert Emmons, PHD, author of “Gratitude Works,” believes gratitude is the key to happiness in the workplace.  His research finds that employees want to feel good at work and  long for it!

If you want to create an attitude for gratitude in your office, do the 1 thing Dr. Emmons suggests:   Communicate the diverse research ( below)  on the benefits of gratitude!

Top 5 research supported benefits of Gratitude at work:

  • Gratitude increases happiness.

  • Gratitude helps improve quality of sleep and lowers blood pressure.

  • Collective gratitude in organizations, can reduce turnover intention, foster employee’s organizational commitment, lead to positive organizational outcomes, and help in “eliminating the toxic workplace emotions, attitudes and negative emotions such as envy, anger and greed in today’s highly competitive work environment.”

  • Gratitude fosters a positive impact on trust between managers and their reports.

  • Higher levels of gratitude were associated with greater life satisfaction and lower levels of psychological stress.

Have a super productive day!

Dr. Andreia Horta


Two psychologists, Dr. Robert A. Emmons of the University of California, Davis, and Dr. Michael E. McCullough of the University of Miami, have done much of the research on gratitude

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